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Safeguarding your pension for a more fulfilling retirement


KWAP is here to serve both Pensioners and Future Pensioners by ensuring that all administrative matters related to their pension needs are well taken care of. The Pension Services department handles retirement applications, calculates pension amounts and processes pension benefits and adjustments, as well as facilitates the process for eligible beneficiaries to receive pension derivatives. We are constantly improving our systems and processes to enhance efficiency and deliver a smooth pension experience.


A retirement partner for government as well as the pensioners. Our aspiration is to enrich the retirement experience rather than just managing a pension fund.

Protect your loved ones from the vagaries of life

Protect the future of your loved ones in the event of death during the savings or restitution phase, by designating them as beneficiaries.


Federal Public Service personnel and pensioners receiving pensions and their family members are eligible for free medical services at a Government hospital / clinic under General Orders Chapter F. 

Our Services and Support

Managing Department

A Managing Department is responsible for ensuring that the entire administrative process of retirement is conducted in accordance with all rules and regulations as required by KWAP. Such departments are present in every government agency, and their primary role is to ensure that the documentation for employees who are retiring, whether through compulsory or optional retirement, are all in order to enable a successful application for retirement.

Pension Derivatives

Pension derivatives can be received by eligible beneficiaries following the death of a pensioner. The amount, duration and eligibility are all determined through a set of rules, exceptions and regulations which is managed by the Pension Services department.

Pensioners Representative

A Pensioner’s Representative is a person appointed by a pensioner or pension recipient to manage all of their pension-related matters.

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