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Payment Method

Benefit Payment Method

Pension / Derivative Pension / Retirement Allowance / Derivative Retirement Allowance / Pension Due to Disability / Dependent Pension Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) / Warrant
Gratuity/Derivative Gratuity Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
Cash Reward in Lieu of Leave Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Pension Payment Scheme via Banks

Scheme A

  • For a pensioner who has a wife (wives) / husband or wife (wives) / husband from marriage after being pensioned from service.
  • The payment will be credited directly to the pensioner’s account.

Scheme A (Representative)

  • A single pensioner, derivative pension recipient, dependent pension or pensioner who marries again after retirement is eligible to apply for the monthly pension paid under Scheme A, provided the bank account used is an individual account.
  • The application can be made by filling out the JPA.BP.SKP.B08 form (download here).

Scheme B

  • Payment under Scheme B is usually made to elderly pensioners and disabled children via a joint account.
  • To appoint a representative to manage a recipient’s monthly pension payment.
  • The pensioner / pension recipient must be present at the bank counter every month to certify the pension claim form in order to ensure the pension payment is credited to the pensioner’s bank account.
  • If the pension is not claimed over a period of six (6) consecutive months, the amount will be returned to the Retirement Services Division.

Optional Retirement

Optional Retirement Under Section 12 Act 227/239

Application by Head of Department. The employee must:

  • Be over 40 years of age;
  • Have served at least ten (10) years of the eligible service period;
  • Be confirmed in the position and have reached pensionable status.

Payment of Retirement Benefit 

For employees appointed prior to 12/04/1991, remuneration payment and payment in lieu of leave will be made on the date of retirement, whereas payment of monthly pension will commence as below:

Upon reaching 45 years of age Upon reaching 50 years of age
  • Female employee
  • Low-ranking fireman
  • Low-ranking police officer
  • Low-ranking prison officer
  • Male nurse in mental hospital
Male officer

For employees appointed on or after 12/04/1991, the payment of remuneration and Gantian Cuti Rehat (GCR) will be paid on the retirement date while the monthly pension will be paid upon reaching 55 years of age.


To Avoid Delays in Pension Benefit Payment

  • Please review and update the Service Record Book and Leave Record Book two (2) years before the retirement date. If a problem(s) exists, please explain it in a cover letter.
  • Future retirees are required to give their full cooperation to the Department and KWAP in managing the retirement process.
  • To simplify the procedure, please submit all pension documents to the Department within three (3) to six (6) months before the date of retirement.
  • All documents must be submitted at once.

Privatisation of Company

Four (4) options are available for termination of employment of future pensioners in the event of privatisation:

  • Retired After Receiving an Offer From Another Organisation
  • Termination of Service
  • Optional Retirement
  • Retired Due to the Position Being Abrogated.


Government servants who have resigned or have been dismissed due to disciplinary action are not eligible for pension benefits

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