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The company has established the Prima Ekuiti 2018 – 2020 Corporate Blueprint, a three-year blueprint to serve as a strategic map for the company, its individuals and the group towards common goals and aspiration of growth and sustainability. Given the increasing fund size, the investment and operation teams within Prima Ekuiti have expanded in tandem to ensure that adequate resources are in place to support the growing assets-under-management.


Currently, Prima Ekuiti focuses specifically on public equity markets in the UK and the Eurozone. Although past investments made by Prima Ekuiti has been limited to the Eurozone countries, the investment team has recently obtained approvals to extend its scope towards public equity investments in Switzerland and Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Nonetheless, efforts will also be apportioned towards the continued growth of equity investment capabilities, namely expansion into other developed markets and new products. Most recently, the investment team has been exploring products such as exchange traded funds (ETF) as well as derivatives despite being out of Prima Ekuiti’s current scope.


Moving forward, Prima Ekuiti aspires to widen the scope of investment into other asset classes in the near to medium term. The firm consistently ensures that its developments in human capital have been continuous through various participation in external workshops as well as leading conferences within the region. It encourages its employees to enhance its knowledge and skill sets on courses that develops the employees personal developments such as soft skills courses and new asset classes such as fixed income and alternative investments. Given the strategic location, the team at PrimaEkuiti has been taking advantage to expose itself to all major asset classes through seminars and conferences to understand new investment products and strategies as well as to build the network and foundation necessary before progressing further. Aware of the firm’s dual role of to be a vehicle for KWAP to invest directly in foreign capital markets as well as to complement KWAP’s diversification strategy beyond the Malaysian market, Prima Ekuiti aspires to be the trusted partner for KWAP’s future European investments – across multi-asset classes.


Also, there has been strong growing global interest in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments as sustainable issues become increasingly important. Given the widening awareness of ESG, Prima Ekuiti has been taking the appropriate incremental steps towards learning the approach of ESG investing by engaging with existing responsible investors as well as market researchers within the space. As part of the 2018 – 2020 Corporate Blueprint, the company also targets to adopt ESG standards in its investment operations as well as in daily business activities, in line with KWAP’s strategy and its initiative to become a leading ESG-driven institution.

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