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Anugerah Ikon Pesara Recognises Public Sector Retirees’ Outstanding Achievement

Kuala Lumpur, 10 June 2019 – To pave the way for a more positive retirement experience, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) [KWAP] in collaboration with the Public Service Department of Malaysia (JPA) is spearheading the establishment of Anugerah Ikon Pesara (AIP), Malaysia’s first award recognising and celebrating the achievements of public sector retirees.


The AIP aims to encourage retirees to remain active and productive in their retirement years, for the benefit of Malaysian pensioners. As the first award of its kind in Malaysia, the AIP celebrates the achievements of public sector retirees and serves as a platform to acknowledge exemplary pensioners in various fields including Education, Social and Community Development, and Entrepreneurship.


Aligned with KWAP’s ongoing commitment to empower future and existing retirees, the award seeks to redefine how the society looks at the ageing population especially among pensioners, to inspire the public to approach retirement phase with a more positive outlook.


“The stereotypical public notion which prevents pensioners from continuing their roles in giving back to the society during the age of retirement needs to change,” said Datuk Seri Borhan Dolah, Director General of Public Service Department. “The AIP is introduced to recognise individuals who are still making a difference and paving the way for a new age of awareness in post-service productivity.”


“We, at KWAP, encourage each pensioner to gather their experience and step forward to become the next role model by showcasing individual efforts to stay economically active and to maintain that sense of belonging within the community during the golden age of their lives,” added Syed Hamadah Syed Othman, Chief Executive Officer of KWAP.


KWAP welcomes Malaysians to nominate public sector retirees who have contributed to the nation for this award. Each nominee will be evaluated based on supporting evidence provided through a verification process and a thorough due-diligence screening. Pensioners eligible for nominations are; former employees in the civil service who have retired from the federal, state, statutory and local authority, those who are actively contributing to the community and has demonstrated successful practices in the respective fields post-service, and retirees who has yet to receive any international awards or accolades at national level. Contributions made by nominees in each category should be at least for the period of over one year preceding the nomination of the award and only candidates recommended in writing by a nominator and supported by relevant documentation will be eligible for consideration.


The nomination date is open from 10 June 2019 to 9 August 2019. Nominations are to be submitted via email to or by hand to KWAP’s main office at Integra Tower, Pension Services Department at Cyberjaya Office or Post Service Division, JPA Putrajaya. More information on Anugerah Ikon Pesara can be obtained online at


The winner will be announced during an award ceremony that will be held on 5 October 2019, in conjunction with the second edition of KWAP’s Karnival Rasa Sayang, an initiative to promote retirement preparedness and active ageing in Malaysia. The winners of the award will be part of the productive ageing advocating campaign in promoting vitality, productivity, and the economic growth of the nation.

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