Kuala Lumpur, 5 November 2018 – ​Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) [KWAP] echoes the sentiment of the government on the recently presented Budget 2019 as a crucial step to place Malaysia on a stronger footing globally and to emerge once again as the Asian economic tiger. We strongly support the propositions by the government to ensure the prosperity of the rakyat today as well as the generations to come.

We are glad to learn that the government recognised that come 2020, approximately 1 million Malaysians between the age of 61 to 65 will still be productive and active. This is consistent with the recent study that KWAP had completed, in collaboration with the MyAgeing Research Institute on active and healthy ageing amongst government pensioners. The study proposed that the public sector retirees have untapped potential as the future economic resources for Malaysia. They could benefit from the implementation of public programmes to help them achieve financial retirement security and continue being active contributors to the nation's economy.

To that end, we applaud the government for recognising this segment of the society and will cooperate with the government to formulate the mechanisms to ensure that appropriate platforms and opportunities are given to this segment of the society for the betterment of the country.