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​​​​​Pension Derivatives

Derivative Benefit
The following are list of derivative benefits entitled to eligible beneficiaries according Pension Act: 
  • ​Gratuity Derivative
Gratuity is a lump sum payment paid to eligible beneficiaries:
  • Derivative Payment in Lieu of Leave
Cash payment (lump sum) in lieu of unutilised leave during service will be paid to eligible beneficiaries:
  • Derivative Pension

Monthly pension derived due to the death of civil servant/ civil pensioners that is paid to eligible beneficiaries, as stated in relevant pension act

*Eligible beneficiaries – dependant of deceased civil servant/pensioners who died in service or legitimate next of kin​​​​​​
Eligible Beneficiaries to Receive Pension Derivative

Below are the eligible beneficiaries to receive pension derivative: 

  • ​Widow or Widower​​
  • Children below 21 years of age and single

​​However, the following exception applies:​

  • Disabled children are eligible to receive derivative pension provided that the disabilities occur before the child reaches 21 years old and it causes the child to not be able to support him/herself​
  • Children studying in Higher Learning Institution for First Degree are entitled to receive derivatives benefit until completion of the studies​​
Breakdown / Distribution of Pension Derivative
For Derivative Gratuity and Derivative Payment in Lieu of Leave, the following are the fractions of share distribution:

  • Widow/ Widower and Child - 9/10 
  • Mother or father - 1/10
* In the absence of the above recipients, derivative gratuity and may derivative payment in lieu of unutilised leave will be given to legitimate next of kin.​

Derivative pension payment is apportioned as follows: 

  • Widow / Widower (2 shares each widow / widower)
  • Children (1 share each children)​​

The Application Process of Derivative Benefit
In the case of death in service, the application for derivative benefit is managed by the last official Department of the officer. Human Resources Department of the late officer needs to provide necessary documents and application forms to KWAP to process the retirement benefits.​

Application for derivative benefit can be made by the heirs of pen​​​​sioners by completing the application form JPA.BP.SPT.B01d for the derivative benefit due to death in retirement (download here​)

Eligibility to Receive Pension Derivative for Marriage in Service and Retirement
Eligibility to receive pension derivative: ​

  • ​For couples who gets married while in service, the widow/ widower is entitled to get a lifelong derivative pension.
  • For marriages that occurred after the retirement of employees, eligible widow / widower is entitled to receive a derivative pension that is limited to 20 years from the date of retirement of officers​​​
Children of the decease who are in Higher Learning Institution
​Derivative pension for children will cease when the child reaches the age of 21 years. However, the derivative pension payments will continue if the child is in further education up to first degree level.​​

Application of derivative pension for children in IPT can be applied using JPA.BP.SPT.B03A form (downlo​a​d here​)​​​​​​
Inform the death of a pensioner / derivative pension recipients

Next of kin is able report the death of a pensioner by contacting KWAP Customer Service Unit at 03-88878777. The heirs also may present to KWAP Pension Services Division counter to report on the mortality. Please provide a copy of death certificate when the report is made.  ​​​

Application of Funeral
Funeral arrangement assistance is made to the heir of Malaysian Government retirees who pass away on and after 15 October 2010 including retirees who opt for EPF scheme (prior to this date, no refund is given if the pensioner died). Applications can be made using the JPA.BP.UMUM.BMJ form​ (dow​n​load here​)​

Please be informed that the BMJ payments are only made when the death of pensioner only and should not be made when derivative pension recipients dies.​​​​
Claims of Pension Balance
If after the death of the deceased, no more widows / widowers or children who are eligible to receive a pension derivative, the heirs must fill out the pension balance form JPA.BP.UMUM.BK to claim any balances of pension payments that are not made to the deceased (if available)​​ (download here​)​​​