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​​​​​Managing Department​​​

Role of Managing Department
Managing Department is a public agency or organization that is responsible in managing retirement affairs and pensions of the members. ​

​Update records and inform changes (if any). Head of Department is responsible in maintaining and regularly update on service record of an employee until a day before his retirement date. Maintaining and updating process should be in accordance with the regulations and existing administrative, focusing on matters that affect the calculation of retirement benefits, including:

  • changes in wages;
  • changes in the fixed remuneration or  allowances;
  • changes in length of service;
  • promotion; and
  • leave

Provide Complete Retirement Forms and Documents to KWAP​:
Managing departments are required to provide the completed forms and documents before the application for retirement or pension benefits applications submitted for KWAP within the time set out.

Funeral Arrangement Assistance:
Funeral Arrangement Assistance (RM3000) for a death in service is paid by the last department of the member. Treasury Circular number 3 in 2010 is relevant.​​
Compulsory Retirement
A member who has chosen to retire at the age of 55/56/58/60 will retire from the service upon reaching their chosen retirement age.

Compulsory retirement under Section 10 Act 227/239

An officer shall retire from the public service on attaining the retirement age of 55​/56/58 or 60 years old​​.

Forms and documents that needs to be submitted to the Head of Department:

  • Form JPA.BP.SPPP.B01a – Pensioner’s Information (download here)
  • Form JPA.BP.SPPP.B03 – Depend​​​ent’s Information​ (download here)
  • Form JPA.BP.UMUM.B01 – Declaration of Debts (if any) (download here)
  • Form JPA.BP.UMUM.B02 – Calculation of Lieu of Leave that can be Accumulated Under Regulation   21, Pension Regulation 1980 (if applicable) (download here)
  • Form JPA.BP.UMUM.B04 – Verification Report on Mentally / Physically Disable Child (if applicable) by a Certified Physician (download here​)
  • A copy of Service and Leave Statement  
  • A copy of marriage / registration certificate. If none, a valid declaration letter of are acceptable
  • A copy of NRIC of husband / wife of officer
  • A copy of birth certificate of children that is below 21 years old and no age limit for children with disabilities 
  • A copy of the bank document that shows the name, identity card number and bank account number​​​​​​
Optional Retirement
A member who is over 40 years of age, not less than 10 years of reckonable service and has been confirmed to the post and conferred with pensionable status.

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Retirement Due to Health Problems
Pensionable members who are not able to perform his duties because of infirmity of mind or body that is permanent shall be presented to the Medical Board, according to the principles of Circular of Service No. 10 of 1995 and General Order, Chapter F (1974).​

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Retirement Application Status

Visit the Post Pension Division of the Public Services Department for application status​​, click here​​​.​

Officer Charged with Disciplinary Action or Currently in Jail
A member who has been charged with disciplinary action of being dismissed from his current position is not eligible for the retirement benefit. ​

Officer Charged With Disciplinary Actions:
Officer who has been charged with disciplinary action or being dismissed from his current position is not eligible for the retirement benefits.

Officer currently in Court Proceeding:
If an Officer reaches the retirement age while an ongoing a criminal trial or disciplinary proceedings which may result to a conviction or dismissal, the service shall be deemed to have been extended beyond that age, considered as no-pay leave until the result of the case is obtained. ​​​​