Optional Retirement

Optional Retirement Under Section 12 Act 227/239

  • Application by Head of Department;

  • Over 40 years of age;

  • At least 10 years of eligible service period;

  • Confirmed position and received pensionable status.

Payment of Retirement Benefit 

For employees appointed prior to 12.04.1991, remuneration payment and payment in lieu of leave will be made on the date of retirement whereas payment for monthly pension will commenced as per below:

45 years of age50 years of age
  • Female employee
  • Low-ranking fireman
  • Low-ranking police officer
  • Low-ranking prison officer
  • Male nurse in mental hospital
  • Male employee

For employees appointed on or after 12/04/1991, the payment of remuneration and GCR will be paid on the ​​retirement date while the monthly pension will be paid upon reaching 55 years of age.​​