About Equity Departmen​t​

Equity as an asset class, plays a significant role in KWAP’s portfolio, generating a considerable portion of KWAP’s total investment income. KWAP's investment in equities is divide​d into two broad categories namely Domestic Equity and International Equity.


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Our aspiration to become a high performance organisation, close monitoring of the financial performance is a habit. We track diverse set of performance metrics to measure the performance of equities. A great deal of emphasis is placed on two performance indicators being Return on Investment (ROI) which measures the realised return over average fund invested and Total Return, as measured by Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR), which tracks the portfolio's total return inclusive of the realised and unrealised gain. Total Returns measurement enables the evaluation of portfolio performance against selected benchmarks. Other performance metrics includes portfolio dividend yield relative to benchmark yield, portfolio beta, Sharpe ratio, information ratio and tracking error. This serves as guide for portfolio managers to identify factors affecting their performance.