​Investment Policy & Guidelines

In general our Investment Policy & Guidelines (IPG) is a piece of document which provides detailed guidance and key policies with respect to the investment decision making process. Among the key aspects contained in the IPG are our permissible asset classes, the SAA, performance benchmarks and tactical limits.

The following describes the main objectives of the IPG. Due to the sensitive contents of the IPG, we are only allowed to display a select portion of the document.​

  • The objective of our Investment Policy and Guidelines (IPG) is to document the policies and guidelines formulated by KWAP in relation to the investment activities of the Retirement Fund. It is documented with the intent of being used as a working document to facilitate all aspects of the ongoing prudent and efficient management of the Retirement Fund (the Fund).
  • The scope of the IPG covers the investment activities permitted under the provisions of the Retirement Fund Act 2007 (Act 662).
  • The IPG shall be approved by the Investment Panel and the Board.
  • All managers of KWAP are expected to observe the policies, guidelines, specific limitations and philosophies stated herein or any amendments hereto at all times.
  • The IPG shall be reviewed and updated by KWAP at least once a year.
  • The IPG is a restricted document and intended for internal use only.​​​