​The Eco Green Education Program



After nearly a decade operating from the previous main office, KWAP has embarked on the designing of a new corporate office project. Situated on the pivotal point of Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang, the KWAP owned Integra Tower is now home to the company's main office and the new facility covers four floors within an area of 100,000 square feet.

The intent of this relocation is to create a workplace which will allow KWAP to function as a highly collaborative community of likeminded professionals dedicated to effectively deliver excellence to their stakeholders.

Initiated by KWAP's board and senior management, the project is managed internally by a steering committee and executed by leading design and construction professionals.

A major component of the project is KWAP's commitment to sustainability. Towards this end, the project is being designed and developed to achieve a USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) Gold certification.


Sustainability and the KWAP Community

Sustainability has been recognized as a critical element in KWAP's operating culture and will be embedded in all its functions moving forward. Sustainability can be defined as working and living in an ideal ecosystem - a community that consumes resources at a rate equal to those that they utilize so that consumption and replacement are a zero sum game.


Sustainability – Elements in the Office

Designing with sustainability in mind requires incorporation of 3 types of components:

  • Hardware - Goods, furniture, design and systems that comply with parameters that reduce carbon footprint, enable recycling and increase efficiency of energy consumption.
  • Software - A suite of software (BMS, lighting and environmental control, etc.) which regulate inputs to ensure maximum efficiency of environmental ambiance.
  • ​Culture - Working with employees to think and act sustainably. How to utilise the new workplace for it to function as a sustainable environment.​​
In addition to the tangible effects, KWAP will be making their contribution to the future as a sustainable community which gives back what it consumes.


Change of Work Style and Result

A new home requires changes in how we live. The objective of the new KWAP workplace is to break down silos so increased collaboration and interdisciplinary endeavour can be achieved, leading to more effective and efficient results.


For more details on our Eco Green Education Program for the office, click the link below :

Eco Green Education Program Booklet