Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should contribute?
All statutory bodies, local authorities and agencies with employees of pensionable status shall contribute to KWAP.
Who is an employer?
An employer is either a statutory body, local authority or agency with pensionable employees.
When should an employer start paying its contributions?
An employer is required to pay pension contributions for its pensionable employees upon the award of the pension status by the Public Service Department.
When is the due date of payment of pension contributions?
The due date of payment of pension contribution is the last day of the following month.
What happens if an employer fails to pay its monthly contributions on time?
An employer is subject to a penalty at a rate of 0.5% of the contribution amount for each month the contribution amount remains unpaid.
What is the rate of contributions?
The rate of contribution is 17.5% of the employees basic salaries.
What are the documents required for the registration of employers?
Employer is required to submit the Employer Registration Form (CN1)
What are the documents required for the registration of members?

Documents required for the registration of members are as follows :

  • Application letter by the employer
  • Member Registration Form (CN2)
  • A copy of Approval Letter from Public Service Department confirming the pensionable status.
Who are KWAP’s members?

Pensionable employees of Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and Agencies.