About Contributions

One of KWAP’s main responsibilities is to manage the​ pension contributions by contributing employers in accordance to the Statutory and Local Authorities Pensions Acts 1980 (Act 239) and Service Circular No 12/2008 on the Policy and Procedure of Appointment of Secondment, Temporary and Permanent Transfer. As stipulated by the Act, contributing employers comprising of statutory bodies, local authorities and agencies shall remit to KWAP the pension contributions for employees who have been granted with pension status by the Public Service Department (PSD).

Agencies Involved in Collecting Pension Contributions

The responsibility of collecting pension contributions was initially undertaken by Employees' Provident Fund prior to January 1979. Other government agencies involved were Public Service Department, Treasury Malaysia, and Accountant-General's Department until the incorporation of KWAP in March 2007. Effective 1 March 2007, upon its incorporation, pension contributions are now remitted to KWAP.

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Statistics of Contribution Collections

Pension contribution received comprises of Federal Government contribution, Employer Contribution and Government Shares.

Statistics of Employers and Members

Contributing employers consist of statutory bodies, local authorities and agencies having pensionable employees.

Duties and Responsibilities of Employers

​Employers are required to undertake the following duties and responsibilities.

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