Employer Registration

Statutory Body, Local Authority and Agency are under the duty to register with KWAP as an employer under the following circumstances :

  • A statutory body or local authority is formed or established.
  • Employee(s) of the organisation are conferred with pension status by Public Service Department.

The following documents must be submitted for registration purposes:

  • Application letter 
  • A copy of the Act gazetting the establishment of the organisation as statutory body or local authority

Member Registration

It is the duty of the employer to register its pensionable employees with KWAP upon the award of the pension status by Public Service Department.​​

Employers are required to submit the following documents for the registration of its employees:

  • Member's Registration Form (CN2)
  • A copy of approval letter by the Public Service Department on the award of the pension status​​​​

​Legislation & Circulars​​​​