Our P​eople

Our People Our Greatest Asset

Our ability to constantly achieve our goals and outperform our benchmarks is largely attributed towards the quality of the individuals that work within our organization. Competent well-trained, well-motivated people are our principal asset and our soundest investment.

As an organization that is in constant pursuit of high performance and excellence, we care for our employees by offering the following Employee Value Propositions to those interested in becoming part of our team, we provide an opportunity for individuals to contribute towards the development of the nation's asset management industry. We provide personal and professional growth. We offer competitive reward and conducive work environment. ​

Developing Our Employees

Our commitment towards people development is evidenced through the deployment of training and development opportunities for all levels of staff. In addition to the formal training provided, we constantly encourage our employees to enhance their network and keep abreast of the latest best practices by attending local and overseas conferences and seminars.

Our employees are also encouraged to share their newly-acquired knowledge by conducting knowledge sharing sessions with other employees. This is a means of inculcating the continuous learning value through sharing, nurturing and learning.

As a means to develop wholesome employees who are competent not only in their own area of expertise, we find it essential to also develop our employees self-confidence, leadership and managerial skills through other initiatives conducted throughout the year. Our employees are encouraged to participate in public speaking sessions to speak on selected topics of their choice, to partake in case study discussions and also to contribute in giving views and insights during discussions on management videos presented by renowned management gurus, prominent speakers and subject matter experts. ​

Managing Our Performance

We are committed towards inculcating a performance-driven culture with clearly defined accountabilities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We focus on clear expectations of our employees and our leaders and ensure that it is aligned with KWAP's business objectives.

We strive towards building an organization that is unique, an organization that possesses extraordinary management qualities and one that inculcates a culture of openness and a strong desire to attain exceptional performance and excellence. In KWAP, we recognise performance and celebrate excellence. ​

Work Life Balance

Despite the demanding and challenging business environment, achieving employee work-life balance and providing a conducive working environment is one of KWAP's aspirations as we believe that employee's performance is directly related to their ability to maintain a balance state between work and personal life requirements.

We encourage our employees to participate in a variety of activities such as fitness programs, sports and corporate social responsibility activities.

Besides promoting healthy living amongst employees, KWAP also acknowledges their family members by organizing Family Days, Annual Dinners, and various festive gatherings.