Malaysia Provident/Pension Fund Value Chain

The diagram below illustrates Malaysia's provident/ pension fund value chain with KWAP's role in the context of pensionable civil service.
Managing Contributions
The Federal Government contributes 5%of the total annual budgeted emolument of the Federal Government employees while Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and Agencies contribute 17.5% of the basic salaries of their pensionable employees respectively to KWAP on a monthly basis.
Setting Investment Policy and Guidelines

The Investment Panel is responsible to set and review periodically KWAP’s Investment Policy and Guidelines and subsequently recommend to the Board for approval. The Investment Policy and Guidelines is a document which governs KWAP’s investment activities.

Investment Management and Monitoring

The Fund is invested in asset classes in accordance with KWAP’s Strategic Asset Allocation. The investment activities of the Fund are carried out by a team of competent and experienced investment professionals.

The status and performance of KWAP’s investments are reported monthly to the Investment Panel and the Board. The performance analysis includes relative performance against benchmark indices as well as absolute target return for each of the asset classes.