Business Support Departments 

Aside from the Investment Departments and Contributions Department, other Business Support Departments also form part of KWAP's day to day businesses and functions.

Corporate Strategy and Performance Department

Given the importance of support functions as catalyst for change in the pursuit of becoming a high performance organisation, Corporate Strategy and Performance Department performs the key functions for the corporate office comprising of Corporate Planning, Corporate Finance, Business Improvement and Business Architecture.

Legal and Secretarial Department

Since KWAP is responsible for managing large amount of funds, an in-house Legal Division was set up to assist other departments in KWAP with legal matters such as issues related to agreements with external managers, counter-parties and corporate bodies. The Secretarial Division handles matters related to the Board and Investment Panel as well as other committees such as preparation of Board and Investment Papers, Minutes of Meetings and other activities.

Human Resource Department

The primary function of the Human Resource Department (HR) is to provide professional services that enables KWAP and its employees to meet the organisation's overall objectives and aspirations of becoming a High Performance Organisation. In doing this, HR has been entrusted with the responsibility to drive and manage the implementation of all HR functions and initiatives. The core activities of the department include employee recruitment, manpower planning, compensation and benefits management, performance management and reward, training & development, succession planning, organisational development and other activities that support the human capital requirements of the organisation.

Accounts and Management Services Department
Accounts and Management Services Department ensures that all KWAP’s transactions are correctly reported through the Accounts Unit and Finance Unit. Administrative issues such as procurement, managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations are managed by the General Admin Unit.

Investment Support and Services Department

Investment Support and Services Department functions comprises of two divisions, one being Investment Settlement which functions as the back office for the process of buying and selling of shares and other investments while handling accounts by preparing payment vouchers, receiving cheques, reconciliations and dividend collections. The other being Custodian Division which holds the key responsibility of monitoring and reporting of stocks exposure, valuation, sales and purchase reports on daily to yearly basis. It also monitors all activities that fall under corporate announcements such as entitlements, renounceable rights and general announcement (AGM & EGM) and safeguards share certificates for unlisted shares and unquoted shares.​​

Corporate Affairs Department

As a relatively young, the Corporate Affairs Department was set up to ensure  that the organisation manages its stakeholders and create the necessary awareness of the organisation towards the public. 

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department plays a critical role for all areas in KWAP. It is responsible for operation, maintenance and development of KWAP’s IT systems.

Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit Department objective is to ensure that KWAP's operations are conducted through the right processes.