​​Corporate Scorecard 2016

Stakeholder's Objectives

​KPI Measurement

​Annual Target

1. ​Grow fund size (at cost)

a) Percentage of growth in fund size

​a) Increase fund size (at cost) by 8.41% from  RM120.1billion to RM130.2billion

2. Rebranding of KWAP and develop new corporate culture​

a) Completion timeline

Complete rebranding initiatives:

i) New logo and Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) by Q1 2016

ii) Roll-out Employee Value  Proposition (EVP) by Q2 2016​

3. Integrate responsible investing ​and sustainability 


a) Implementation of initiatives


b) Number of initiatives completed

i) Review KWAP’s Investment Beliefs by incorporating responsible investment philosophy and sustainability requirements (without forgoing investment returns)

ii) Develop KWAP’s Corporate ESG Framework, Investment ESG Framework and ESG Research Methodology​​​​

b) Management level attend at least fifteen (15) AGMs/EGMs

Conduct at least twenty-five (25) company visits and one (1) regional visit

​4. Active role in Malaysia’s governance and pension landsc​ape​​

​​a) Participation rate

b) Completion of initiative

​​​i) Attend all Institutional Investors Council (IIC) meetings – Council and working level 

ii) Conduct at least one (1) engagement with each regulator i.e. Securities Commission, Bursa Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia

iii) Conduct a total of  at least two (2) engagements with international bodies i.e. ICGN, ACGA, FTSE  MSCI and WWF

b) Produce a Public Sector Pensions Demographic Report by Q4 2016​


​Financial Objective ​KPI Measurement ​Annual Target 
​1. Achieve target return

a) Realized income

b) Total return

​​c) Add value to fund growth by delivering total return above inflation rate    

a) ​Exceed GDP 2016

b) Customized benchmark (weighted average of all asset classes benchmarks)

c) 5-year rolling CPI + 250 bps

a) ROI of 5.50 %

b) Total return outperform customized benchmark

c) Outperform 5-year rolling CPI + 250bps

​2. Migrate to IFRS

​Percentage of initiatives completed
​Completed 30% of requirements under IFRS

​3. Effective cost management and monitoring​

​Number of initiatives implemented

​Conduct three (3) effective cost management initiatives

​​Operational Objective KPI Measurement  ​Annual Target
1. Integrate and transform Pension Operations and offer value added products/services ​​a) Number of initiatives implemented

b) % of achievement under service level requirements
​​i) To implement at least five (5) out of seven (7) (75%) transformation initiatives​

ii)  Implement at least two (2) out of three (3) value added products and services initiatives

b) 90% (adjusted for any backlog at the point of takeover)​

​2. Introduce new investment strategies and market risk management approaches  ​a) Number of initiatives implemented

b) % of investment proposals approved by the Investment Panel
​a) Implement at least ten (10) out of fourteen (14) (75%) initiatives

b) At least 90% of investment proposals approved by the Investment Panel​

​3. Greater emphasis on Shariah investment and build related operational capabilities Number of initiatives implemented a) Implement at least five (5) out of  seven (7) (75%) Shariah related initiatives​
​4. Continuous improvement on operational excellenc​e ​a) Number of operational initiatives implemented

b) ICMS usage rate of registered employers

c) % of compliance to legislations / regulations

d) % of audit observations closed over stipulated time

e) Opinion by statutory auditor

f) Opinion by Auditor General in relation to performance audit

​a) Implement at least ten (10) out of thirteen (13) (80%) initiatives

b) 50% usage rate

c) 100% compliance

d) 100% closure

​​e) Obtain unqualified Audit Certificate for the Financial Statements

​f)  No material findings raised by Auditor General and all non-material findings raised to be  resolved within  6 months​
​5. Enhance operational risk management and internal controls ​Number of initiatives implemented

​Implement at least six (6) out of  eight (8) (80%)  initiatives

​Learning & Growth Objective ​KPI Measurement ​Annual Target 
​1. Contribute towards the nation’s talent pool

​Number of initiatives implemented

​a) Implement at least two (2) out of three (3) (75%) initiatives

b) 10% talent back up ratio​
​2. Continuous talent development ​Number of initiatives implemented

Implement two (2) initiatives​

​3. Align with changing work environment​​​ ​Number of initiatives implemented Implement at least three (3) out of four (4) (75%) initiatives